Creative Wedding Favor Ideas


I’m a huge fan of giving wedding favors to your guests! From custom koozies to a fun candy bar, there are countless ways to gift your guests without breaking the bank!  If you’re looking to offer your guests something personal and unforgettable, consider a few of these wedding ideas below.

Custom Koozies

If you’re getting married in Savannah in the summer, make sure you give your guests something to keep them cool as they dance the night away! A custom koozie will not only keep their drinks chill throughout the night, they’ll remind your guests of your wedding day for summers to come!

Personalized Treats

I love the idea of giving out sweet treats to your guests. Choose a unique shape or color that fits perfectly with your theme and package them individually so guests have the option of enjoying one now of saving it for the trip home.

Nostalgic Candy Bar

It’s always fun to incorporate your wedding colors, set up a candy bar and have your guests create their own goodie bag to take home! Choose candies that are special to you and your fiance and consider setting up signs that explains each choice!

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